Thursday, December 6, 2007


today, went to Queens with my mum, sis and cousin sis.
we went to watch The Golden Compass.
this show is quite okay nia.
I love the way the gadgets, devices and buildings are designed.
the ending is... zzzz... =="well, you cant expect more.
its hard to end this kind of story. haha.
maybe there will be The Golden Compass 2 and 3?
GSC is selling the limited edition Golden Compass. Bought 1. heh.
coz its kinda cheap1 popcorn+2drinks+ A Golden Compass (it's a clock actually) = guess wat... RM16!!! lols.extremely cheapo.~I took a pic of it

Super junior~~~~~ and that Han Geng for Fion.
they sell only HanGeng's individual picture. -.-

i ate the chocolate mcflurry in mcd

very nice yummy~~

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