Thursday, December 20, 2007

swt Gurney day

Today I went out with my friends
it is very lame
we wan to watch 'Alvin and the chipmunks' on 2.40pm but it was full
at first I and min yi ran away and go to eat mcflurry
then we two go to artist gallery,there got suju don't don version A and got DBSK limited addition books but it costs RM49.90
after this we went to popular and let her see the suju 'U' single album and Kim Jeong Hoon 'stella lights'
then we saw three crazy girls there-pey khim,wing keh and phooi 'fun' but is not fun at all
later they said they wanna eat, some of them went to MCd and some dunno go where
I saw the new Missy Donut there,my sis friends said it was delicious
i follow those who wan to go MCd but i am not going to eat
they speak to a malay boy,speak broken english...this....this...two...this...that
cant see this anymore
Xin Yi call me so i go with them and they said they wan to watch 'Alvin and the chipmunks'
so they wan to go to 7th floor
den they just go and i call my mother
my mum was there with my cousin sis
I follow my mother and cousin go to see VJ jeans
I bought a jeans and my mama bought a shirt
We bought Missy Donut and went home


Today SM audition in KL,those who go for the audition get a suju poster
That is so cool~

this is the poster

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