Monday, February 4, 2008

My Korean/Japanese Top 10 list. For This Week.

1. Reo Reo- F.T. Island
The cutest song ever. Hong Gi's voice is totally cute!
2. Purple Line- DBSK
I like the starting of the song. It's DBSK new Japanese song.

3. First Snow- Super Junior
Their 2007 christmas song. The dance of this song is very cute & KyuHyun's voice is so bright and nice.

4. Comet- YounHa
She is good at piano. Her pitch can go really high.

5. Last Farewell- Big Bang
Big Bang is back! They are famous since the song-Lies. G-Dragon wrote almost all of their song. The music and lyrics are so cool! G-Dragon is cute and smart.

6. Love Love Love- Epik High
They sing with a girl named YoongJin from Casker. This is the only song I like from Epik High. Because all of their songs rap from the starting to the end accept this

7. Promise You- Anyband
Xiah is so cute+handsome in Anyband. BoA is still pretty. Tablo looks like em... em.. and the piano girl. Jin Bora looks kinda not pretty. Anyway, the song was sang by BoA and Xiah, the rap is rapped by Tablo while Jin Bora just sticks to her piano. I think this song is nice because Xiah's and BoA's voice are great.

8. Love Sick- F.T. Island
Everytime Hong Gi sings this song, his face is s innocent and his voice is good. Just two words to describe him cubby+cute.

9. A Man In Love (Remix ver.)- Super Junior
I love the dance move but little KyuHyun can't dance. Pity little KyuHyun. =(

10. No.1- BoA
A great song by BoA. She's surely the No.1 girl but this song is No.10 at my this week top 10 list. -.-"

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