Sunday, March 30, 2008

L change the world

I went to GSC Cinema to watch L Change The World
L was really handsome and cute in the show.
I love him so much.~~~


cant belive it
The problem was that the Malaysian Entertainment and Korean entertainments didn't agree on certain things, and when FT island went to rehearse, none of the speakers, or anything they needed for the concert was there. They were probably more depressed than we are..
btw,my cousin friend was going to take da autograph for me
but something happen so i dint get my FT autograph
but my cousin-Vern Ching she got Jong Hun's
but she dont like Jong Hun
so she is searching for someone to exchange
They were late for 2 hours during autograph session..
coz of the arrangement or something
and the fans can only choose one of them to get the autograph.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leo Idol

Today my cousin sis,Wei Shan joined the LEO idol Singing Competition Finals at Gurney Plaza.
there are 10 contestent in da competition
I went there to see her sing
before starting there are some people performe Body Combat
btw,she is the second contestent and the youngest contestent
she sang Jolin de song
she lost her voice for a moment
still very nice ><
She got Best performance because she dance and sang
but she dint get top three

Nokia 5610

My cousin-Vern Ching
new phone-nokia 5610
very cool ><
she bought blue that means super junior

Friday, March 14, 2008

Super Junior恩赫受伤了!!! Eunhyuk injured!!!

恩赫在3月13日的(M countdown)上不小心从MC台摔落 ,
In March 13 Eunhyuk fell down from MC stage at (M countdown),
and sprain his right wrist
He leaves the stage immediately
Eunhyuk faster recover !

Thursday, March 13, 2008


went to queens with sis and mum,
the FT poster in Body Glove is not there d
too bad...

different kind of iron =)
e-pop mag with FT poster in there
woo... =)

My korean/Japanese Top 10 list.For This Week.

1. Promise You- Anyband

2. Reo Reo- F.T. Island

3. Happiness(haeng bok)-Super Junior

4. Comet- YounHa

5. Marry You-Super Junior

6. Password 468-YounHa

7. Tic Toc-Super Junior

8. Atlantis Princess-BoA

9. Lovin' You-TVXQ

10. Last Farewell- Big Bang

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Topaz Vivacity 1.3

Those who are photoshop fans will know this Plug-In.
There are a few functions:

Denoise (smoothen the face)
Clean (clean the picture. becomes smooth)
Sharpen (sharpen the picture)

Finally, my sis found this which will not expire after 30days.
and it functions well. There are many dll. files in the internet which are FAKE.

2 links are provided to download it just in case any one of them doesn't work ;)
Try it.
When you open it up. install. then open the Crack folder. there's a dll file in there. copy the file to

C drive-> Windows-> System32

then you are ready to use it. ^^


click to enlarge.
Denoise (Used to smoothen the face)


Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

It is a PSP game,it is a very intersting game
This is the story:
Two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, his son Prince Laharl awakens(Prince Laharl had taken two years nap).He discover there demons are fighting over his kingdom of Netherworld. Along with his underling Etna, Prince Laharl must claim his rightful crown.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


that two thingy block their face-.-
Body Glove is one of FT sponsors
so got their poster in Body Glove and play their song too
i heard 'reo reo' & 'F.T.Island'
The FT poster nearby my school
is also on top of the Body Glove store~~

Friday, March 7, 2008