Saturday, April 5, 2008

Change Place!!!

Three days ago,when we get in to class
teacher just say "change place"
this word made me scared.
the reason is alot of teacher complain our class is very noisy,
but the truth is not all is just some.
there are three girls who is making this class noisy
and that is my class S.H.E -Goh Peh Khim,Fong Pey Shan & Ng Wing Keh
anyway,i just bend down my knee to make me looks shorter
because I wanna sit with Purdy
but this plan dint work out.
Teacher change them away from me
but teacher dint notice I bend my knee.
Purdy sit is second on my right
Btw,Fong Pey Shan sit on my left and Ng Wing Keh sit behind Fong Pey Shan -.-
and the girl sit behind me is smelly,she makes me wanna faint
i'm not at the last row anymore
i always sit on the last row since I was young
so this is the only good thing

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