Friday, May 30, 2008

Pandu Training camp

It is a girl guides training camp
Need to prepare a lot of things for this camp
This year theme is The Legend of Utopia

On the first day(28.5.08)
There is the modern cook competition
The food are actually kind of dirty
But I like the mango because I like to eat mango, Duh!
After lunch we play station game
Every game is almost the same
we play water and flour almost in every station -.-
Later,there is the Item
is like a...rehearsal for the camp night
and my patrol they dint even learnt their dance step
So pricillia just went solo by herself
Even though she dint prepare but her moves are not bad too
After dinner we just sat at the canteen
and let the OC and CL decide what they wan us to do
First,they wan break dance
Second,they wan somethings that is funny
After that,we pack our things den go home
My PL dint even did the mini gadget,so I gotta go home and did a little but my patrol OC did help a lot,they reli did a lot,poor them did not had any good sleep )

Second day,
there were the castle making & mini gadget competition

I did the castle all by myself
we must made this two things earlier and explain on that day
All the question they ask really difficult
makes me got nothing to say
later,there was the marching competition
OC & CL always make noisy sound(this is their job) and we cant even heard the command
When I did a little mistakes
I just stick out my tongue
Dunno why,maybe it is my spontaneous reaction
Den,there was the banner & T-shirt design competition
Banner:must draw 1 banner at home and another banner on the spot
I drew the banner and the T-shirt,
Wat can I say "I'm too intelligent"
Hahahaha , SWT -.-"
I like the Eiffel tower that i drew the most,it is so beautiful
and I wrote 2 words "BONJOUR PARIS"
TVXQ went to Paris and they like to say bonjour paris,they read as Bonzu Bonzu different ways,very cute!!
When I was drawing the banner I cried and I don't even get it why
maybe is because of pressure
My PL never stop scolding other people & always said that don't have enough time
(I think this is the important reason)
later den,there were the banner,T-shirt design,name tag & log book explanation
I dint go to explain the log book because I am fed up of changing my Full-U,shoe & dint even get to rest & dunno how to answer their difficult question
The name tag is hardest to explain because I'm not the people who did the name tag
My PS is the one who did it but she did not attend this camp because she injured her leg
and so she just past it over
and so i dunno what it is made of and i don't think it is recycle material
btw it absorb water(the name tag must not absorb water,must made up of recycle material and must float)
This really make me felt difficult & nervous =(
The log book is the worst
Luckily I did not go to explain it
my PL simply ask 2 of them explain it
when they are back,they told me that
OC said that log book don't have a container
Dint colour the pictures
Did not finish it + put some blank paper in the log book for no reason

Den,change night...fancy dress...dancing...
(Camp Night)

I like a song "LOW" from step up 2 by Flo Rida
two girls dance this song but not nice just normal,dun have energy+power
Got a girl-Chee Hui dance TVXQ-Hi Ya Ya
Hahahahahaha,just cant stop laughing -.-"
to tell the truth,not bad la
On the starting,she gave red balloon!!!
but i also wan blue balloon because it is Suju ~~
After that is time for sleep -.-zzz in classroom
Those form 2 ask us to sleep but they stayed awake to...
EAT !!!!
In the end they got wat they deserved-Get Scold
How do I felt sleeping in classroom:
A lot of mosquito...kinda cold...cant sleep well.

Third day
bath...change Full-U...breakfast...nothing to do
They having party in the class,never stop singing Chinese song
makes me felt I'm half dying~~
At last,felt freedom from those song
it is time for Prize giving
my patrol won best marcher & banner,T-shirt design
The most important is the best overall,this prize belongs to patrol 1
They really great,I like their log book,very beautiful
There are 3 best members,dunno why is best because best suppose is only 1
but I'm one of the best members
It kinda scared me,cant believe it
but some people said that because I got a sister so only i could became one of the best member
Is that true?those words kinda hurt me =(
but anyway I really did a lot of things for my patrol...