Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is my mid-year exam
I got fourth place in my class & maybe whole form
I think my school standard is kinda low
because I'm not really that good

Monday, June 9, 2008

Super Junior-Happy (Cooking?Cooking! MV)

Kangin became thiner and more handsome
Sung Min is so cute and looks like bunny
Lee teuk also very cute
Eunhyuk looks not bad too! kinda cute and soink

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brave Story: New Traveler PSP

Brave Story: New Traveler PSP Trailer

Tatsuya(the hero) - a young 11-year-old human boy from the real world with an intense love of playing video games on his PSP; he embarks on a quest to save Miki's life by journeying to the world of Vision as a Traveler. He is given a powerful blade called the Traveler's Sword by a mysterious elderly man named Lau. Despite being so young, he wields the sword quite well in battle and the sword's own strength grows as he locates the mysterious five gemstones. Tatsuya fills the role of the typical silent protagonist in the game and only speaks when prompted by questions or decisions.

Yuno - a 15-year-old half ankhakin half kitkin girl who Tatsuya meets shortly after arriving in Vision. She takes an immediate interest in him after he helps save her life from monsters and remains a close ally throughout their journey together. She tends to be a bit high-spirited and bossy (a comparison Tatsuya makes to Miki) as well as curious about the many unseen sights of the world. She wields a bow in combat as well as useful healing songs.

Sogreth - a 30-year-old waterkin warrior who befriends Tatsuya and Yuno when they help to save his son from trouble. He is bent on training his 4-year-old son Minos to be a man, but his methods borderline on extreme and everyone in his town knows what his son goes through daily. Despite his tough exterior and gruff manner, he is actually quite kind and empathetic to even the least disheartening of situations. In battle, he fills the role of strongman and wields an axe with great power.

Traveler Rei - A dark looking young man who seems to not care who he hurts. No one knows exactly what it is that he is seeking.

Meladee - the newly appointed leader of the Highlanders in the desert branch who requires the assistance of Tatsuya and his friends at the request of her sister. She is both kind and tough as well as beautiful and skilled. Yuno also idolizes her as the kind of woman she wants to grow up to be. Meladee fights with twin short swords and wields numerous healing spells.

Mitsuru - a mysterious young mage Traveler with a rather cold and condescending tone toward Tatsuya, whom he meets early on. Though he assists Tatsuya for a brief time, he has no intention of being his friend or ally as he has his own agenda regarding the gemstones. In the original novel, Mitsuru is Wataru's friend and rival. He fights using a staff and powerful attack spells.

Ropple - a pankin starseer Tatsuya and co. meet in Gasara. He is working on a school assignment to receive credit and the party agrees to help him. He is knowledgeable in regards to magical lore but very oblivious to people's feelings. His professor wants him to better understand the people around him and help them selflessly. Ropple has an unusual tendency to say "and/or" in his sentences. He wields a staff and attack spells much like Mitsuru.

Leynart - a beastkin Knight of Stengel who is responsible for dealing with many lawbreakers at borders and checkpoints. When the team first meets him, Leynart mistakes Yuno and Sogreth for criminals, but after a short quest he releases them from his custody. He eventually joins the party in order to continue to fight for justice and find some way of helping his lover, who has fallen into a state of amnesia. He fights using a lance and shield, and can cast a few offensive and defensive spells.

Kutz - the Highlander leader at the town of Gasara who is close friends (and rivals) with Meladee. She tends to be overly brazen when it comes to letting people hear what she has to say and does not tolerate people breaking the law (even the smallest infraction sets her off). She joins the party for a short time. Kutz uses a whip in battle.

Wataru - the hero from the previous Brave Story and the protagonist of the original novel that inspired the games. He first appears to assist Tatsuya with clearing his friends' names. Like Tatsuya, he wields a special blade (called the Brave's Sword) in battle and fights with essentially the same Bravura techniques.

Meena - a kitkin girl who traveled alongside Wataru in the previous game and original story. She is spritely and kind, and willing to help Wataru no matter what. She wields throwing knives in battle and uses healing songs like Yuno.

Kee Keema - a waterkin merchant who traveled with Wataru and Meena in the original novel and game. He teams up with Tatsuya and Yuno to save Sogreth's son early on. He also seems to be have many connections with many important people in Vision. He wields an axe in battles.

I finish this game d and the ending is so sad...
Any problem with this game?
every details to play this game was shown on this link

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Micky YooChun!

Happy B Day!!!
Real Name: Park YooChun/YuChun (박유천)/(朴裕仟)
Stage Names: Micky (믹키)/(秘奇), Micky YooCheon/Yuchon (믹키유천)/(秘奇裕仟)
Birthdate: June 4, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea (grew up in Virginia, USA)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg(140.8 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Position: Low Vocals, Rapper
Religion: Christian