Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday In KL ^^

This post almost like my sis because i lazy to upload all the photos =[
so i decided to copy =p

Dec 6

Woke up early. around 4am
left the house at 5am
later reached my uncle's house. in Damansara.
we stayed at his condo. he came back to Penang when we stayed there.
beside his condo. there's a new building under construction. a new mall actually. Tropicana City. kinda big. and walking distance from my uncle's condo =] next time can go!
we went to 1 Utama. shopped.
at night. watched TV. eat eat. talk talk. slept around 9pm.

the stuff we brought. lol.

almost there

the master bedroom


red is soo nice!! rmbr I wanted this one at first. LOL

TWILIGHT i saw it first XD

a boy reading mag. while waiting his family shop in Roxy. lol

it is like antibiotic(pink)

sis =X

we bought Galaxie. because. I was hyped when I say Edward's face on the upper right. see?

Dec 7

went to The Gardens. Mid Valley & Sunway. lol!
went to SS2 for dinner. and we missed a U-turn. we took 45 minutes to get back on the right track.

This is weird

look at my uncle & aunt's wardrobe. lol.

the swimming pool at 3rd floor.


sis wan this =="

lunch at Esquire Kitchen

Mid Valley

The Gardens

Dec 8

woke up. packed stuff. then went to 1Utama again. because it's the nearest.
came back around noon.
uncle came back from Penang too.
we took our luggage and went to Traders Hotel. =]
dad got staff price. 50usd.
the hotel is really really nice.
we shopped at KLCC. beside Traders.
walked a long way to KLCC through a tunnel connecting the hotel and KLCC. the tunnel is really long.
KLCC was crowded. well. all the malls were crowded to be true.

went back to the hotel after dinner.
Dad took us to the Skybar. it's a bar. lol. we are underage. but the people say with parental guidance.
there's a pool in it. and the surroundings are nice. and lotsa pretty and hot European. lol! XD

uncle's condo.

1u again

in the car. to hotel

my sis is listening to tat

me. finished reading
New Moon.

probably me

5th floor.
checking in.

our room. =]

the view from our room

my sis tie her hair =X

freaking long. == to reach KLCC.

Giordano. 45% storewide for that day nia. the crowd -__-


walk through this tunnel. and go through the freaking long passage to reach the hotel

what a long way ==" insane
and there is a poster wrote
"Mary got 4 children. They are North, South, East , West "-.-"

reach the lobby finally

sofa bed arrived

getting lame

the traders logo


too blur. it was too dark. and this was taken under a hurry. see the pool? =]

9 Dec
Last day. finally. haha
woke up early.
packed stuff. then left to Genting Highlands.

mirrors everywhere in the room

a card for daddy.

her eyes were puffy -___-

checked out

on the way

she love the spinner!!!!! and i dont
gave me a headache

her hair =="

U know Energizer ? XD

took her lame pic

queuing for Pirate ship. Zzz.

Kenny Rogers. the only restaurant which is NOT CROWDED. LOL

Penang Bridge jam. really JAM.
reached home around 9pm.

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