Thursday, January 1, 2009

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn
I love Breaking Dawn accept the Jacob part

Read this in PSP too ^^
Coz PSP is small and I can take it everywhere
Bella and Edward is married !!
They spend their honeymoon on Esme Island
Is a gift from Carlisle to Esme
Weird , an island as a gift -__-
Bella soon gives birth to baby who broke her bones & ribs & drink her blood!!! Weird
Is a girl -Renée + Esme=Renesmee(half vampire, half-human)
Edward changes her into a vampire while giving birth to Renesmee
to save Bella life because Renesmee is killing her(her venom is Edward venom!!)
Talented familiy
Bella got a special talent - shield (This is the reason Edward cant read her mind, this shield protect her)
Edward can read mind
Renesmee talented in showing someone a thought

I wont tell the whole story
so read it yourself ^^
Anyway... it is a very happy ending XOXO
happy reading


You know you love me


  1. hey how did you read breaking dawn on your psp i read new moon and eclipse on my psp but i cant seem to find breaking dawn so i can read it on my psp please help!!

  2. Can u give me ur e-mail or something
    den I can send the file to u ^^