Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day in School

Oh My Gosh
Today went back to school
And already pull down 1 whole block and going to rebuilt a new block
sooooooo some of the student class is in the hall
and my classroom is not in the hall
it is BEHIND the hall!!
My classroom is dark and hot
On the right of my classroom got a flat and a really big tree
and on the left is the hall
so I am out of air !!!
Urgh This is so frustrating
and i got the worst seat !!
I almost became my class monitor and i really dun wan
I beg teacher and finally I am not the class monitor but
became the class treasurer
SWT -__-
and really got tired
and homework on the first day of school!!
going to bust every night, tuition and a lot of home work
I am collapsed
some teachers are really fierce !!
I have to mention it
Today is the worst day of my life !!!!!!!!

You know you love me

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