Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodbye Wonbin ...

Oh Won Bin is known to be the guitarist and sub-vocalist of Five Treasure Island (F.T. Island)
He had officially left the group
I am not really upset
because my fav is Hong Gi XD
but it will be different it feels like not 5 treasures anymore
it feels like 4 treasures and 1 fake treasure T_T
We will miss u...

FT Island’s agency F&C Music revealed that Oh Wonbin is quitting the band due to conflicting opinions. “Wonbin always had expressed different opinion about music than other members. He made the decision to quit the band after long deliberation with the agency.”

The group will still remain 5 members
He was replaced by Song Seung Hyun
Song Seung Hyun at 180cm tall, weighing 60kg's
He will be doing guitar and vocal, and be given the role of doing rap.

Do u think SeungHyun is more talented ?

You know you love me


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