Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Moon trailer

OMG !!!
The trailer are awesome
Robert(Edward Cullen) is gorgeous, hot and handsome !!! *Drools*
Kristen(Bella)is so pretty, maybe bcoz of her hair, she looks so much prettier
Bella is so upset when Edward is leaving her " I don't want you anymore " *sobs*
Makes me wanna cry too T_T
Bella is so beautiful when she is jumping off the cliff lmao
and Taylor Lautner is still going to play Jacob Black -__-
But on the trailer it dun looks like him, looks like Steven Strait
But it is all a fanmake trailer so it is clips from other flims
Whatever Who Cares
I only cares about EDWARD XD
Anyway,when he changes into a werewolf
It is scary !!
Woo.. and... and there are news about Vanessa Hudgens going to play the role Leah Clearwater

I love New Moon
And I can't wait for the movie
New Moon is going to release on 20th November
I am excited to see the Volturi too lol

During an interview Rob gave about Twilight's sequel New Moon, the actor admitted it is his favorite book because Edward is hardly in it.

"They’ve started making the second one. It’s going to be shot in March next year (09). The second book is my favorite book - I’m hardly in it." LOL

You know you love me

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