Saturday, February 7, 2009

Afternoon in MC D

We planed to do our project in Mc Donald
WE= Me, Jovy, Peh Khim, Cai Xian, Pay Shan and Wan Yan
Project about aids
I thought Wan Yan is going to bring her laptop but ends up she did not bring =[
We just eat, chat and took a lot of photo, I just used the digital camera (I looks kinda ugly & weird T_T)
Waste my time to do nothing *sigh*

The looks when Pey Shan eating ice-cream

Wan Yan, Peh Khim
My Mcflurry
Now it is smaller =[
Nice hand !!!
In the toilet

Cai Xian, Jvy, Pey Shan, Wan Yan
Cai Xian, Jovy
What are u looking at ??

Jovy and me ( I looks so weird )

You know you love me

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