Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to school after 1 week *sigh*

Everyone response are "Chia Lynn"!!!!
Very surprise
I am not dead!!
My friends worry about me
They help me take my bag and books... gam dong T_T
What are friends for ???
Easy. Friends are for carrying ur things *just kidding*
Friends are sooooooo nice
Only Gaik Theng blame me for not coming to school
and let her take care of the girl guides stuff, pity her. busy busy busy.
I said I will repay her when I recover and I keep my words. =]
I think did not get to participate anything in sports day.
Who cares??
I don't want to be an athlete anymore
Because of this I fell down and injured and most important-pain !!
I want to change style
Different style
But what....
Dancing? singing? bad girl? rule the school? nerd? *EW* be childish???????
Okay, this is lame ==
Decide later =p
and study now because first test is coming =[
I don't think I'm prepare =O

You know you love me


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