Thursday, February 12, 2009

F.T Island mini album- Jump Up

F.T Island Mini Album - Jump Up just released yesterday!!! XD

Track List:
01. 나쁜 여자야 Bad Woman
02. 인형처럼 Like A Doll
03. 마법 Magic
04. Missing You
05. 그대와 나 You And I
06. 어쩌란 말이야 What Can I Do?

F.T Island - Bad Woman MV Released on 6th Feb
What happen to Hong Gi's hair???!!!
But he is still nice in every hair and he's voice so charming *drools*
Jae Jin is so CUTE!!!
Wonbin’s replacement only appear a few seconds ==
I gotta admit Jonghun looks better ^^


You know you love me

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