Thursday, February 5, 2009

I HATE school activities !!!

Sports day is at the end of March
We, girl guides need to practice marching every Friday start from tomorrow to prepare for sports day.
I hate it
It is wasting my time !!!
Actually, we can start on next Friday but others want to start tomorrow, they love marching
Are they insane? Who love that?
I hate it
1. Transportation problem
2. Waste my time
3. If I am going to participate in 100m on sports day, I am NOT going for the lame and bored marching because 100m is the first event after those lame marching. It is impossible that I can change my clothes that fast like superman + I will be so tired that I can barely move 1 step after marching.
This is so frustrating !!!
The girl guides group list is out
& I don't know almost every members
Non of them is from my class

You know you love me

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