Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Seriously Injured!!!!

On 19th Feb, I fell down while running 100 meters on tar road!!!
Teacher asked us to run on tar road, it is rough of course I'm seriously injured !!! >:(
I hurt my both knees, both palm and left shoulder. T_T
The wound is kinda deep
Very pain
but now better.
My palm is injured so I can't type the keyboard.
That is why my blog dun have any update for so long
Until today, I can type and write better. (-.-)Zzz
My leg is bend
When I walked I'm just like a robot =="
Tomorrow I am going back to school !!!
I can't walk well and my class is on the third floor !!!
and my left shoulder is injured, how do i carry my bag!!!
and had difficulty with my hand T_T
It is so weird suddenly going back to school
I did not go to school for .... 1 week. It is like holiday but a do nothing holiday.Wasting time
So nervous lol
Anyway, Always looks stronger in school
At home, just shout like mad lmao

Friends, don't miss me to much !!!

You know you love me

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