Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Monitor,Subject Monitor and Change Seat

Carin dun wan to be monitor anymore,
She cried and so.... teacher choose new monitor and new assistant monitor.
NO ONE wan to be monitor or assistant
Teacher ask me again and of course NO!!
Than she decided
Monitor: Yee Ching
Assistant monitor: Soo Chiew ( She's nice )

Our class appear a NEW post- Subject Monitor
Teacher said monitor so busy, their jobs are very difficult. *LAME, why do u think we need a monitor ???*
I am the Science Subject Monitor. LAME LAME LAME. I don't want !!!

And teacher change some of our place
I changed seat with Purdy
On my North- Xin Yi
On my South- Yee Lin
On my East- Kuan Ting
On my West- Chai Ling
On my North-east- Soo Chiew
On my South-east- Jovy
On my South-west- Yi Mei ( She looks like 桂纶镁 Kwai Lun-Mei)
On my North-west- Shin Lee

You know you love me