Saturday, February 14, 2009


I want to post this post a few weeks ago
I saw the pokemon episode on youtube
so I started to watch
and I realized the episode are not bad too

I LOVE to play pokemon game (game boy)
I play pokemon since I was 7
My first pokemon game is Pokemon Red on game boy color
and my first pokemon was Charmander XD
I only left a few pokemon to collect all
But my game was spoiled
Why why why T_T

I am totally pro on pokemon
I stop playing pokemon when I was 12
because when I was 11
My dad bought me Game Boy SP
I did not study for my test and exam
I'm 30th something in the whole form
So I decided to stop playing and I really miss pokemon T_T
But after a few months I totally forgot about it
Sometimes when I saw my game boy
It reminds me and once when I on my game
The file is corrupted
That time I just felt I am dying or going crazy!!!
When u put so much effort in it and just end up nothing!!!

My fav is Pokemon Emerald
I kinda like battle frontier,only appears after battling pokemon league
so it only appears at the end
I caught almost all legendary pokemon:
I don't have
Jirachi, Deoxys and Mew
But I know how to get it
because my cousin bro bought the Pokemon Emerald Original Guide Book
I like battling with my cousin bro, we are strong
I always train my pokemon lvl equally
and it is still high lvl

I want game boy DS to play all the new pokemon game.
But no one want to buy for me T_T
at least still got psp =p
You know you love me

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