Friday, February 27, 2009


My legs still hurt so I still can't run =[
Anyway I really did not participate anything on sports day
This is gonna be the first time I be the audience.
What does it feel like ?? Hmm....

Today I get humiliate in front of everyone. I think
Before sukantara I'm the only one who is sitting on the bench and wearing uniform.
Others sit on the floor. (everyone gather in the canteen)
Teacher asked who did not wear house t-shirt
Everyone turn back and stared at me.
Hello, in case u haven't notice I'm injured
btw dint u guys see a human before??!!
Later then, everyone left the canteen.
And I am alone with nothing but....still NOTHING
Lonely girl sitting on the bench
but I am watching them while they are doing shot part.
It is really boring to see a bunch of human . BORING *yawn*
I observe a lot of things too
For example, I saw a primary school student spin a few round, I think she is dancing than started to play with her flute.
To tell the truth, it is a little annoying but I never see something this funny lol

I don't think yellow house is going to win the overall this year.
They are so lame.
and without me, they gonna lose haha. Kidding
I miss those MSSPP days but I hate those practice.
I felt I run slower and slower and slower.... because lag of practice.
I can't believe I actually got
Third place in 100 meter Zon Air Itam
First in 4 x 200 meter Zon Air Itam
Second in 4 x 100 meter Zon Air Itam ...
Those running days
I hope I run into MONEY $

You know you love me

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