Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What the HELL !!

My first time get demerit T_T
I never get demerit in my whole life
During PJ period, we take turns to 抛铅球
I just simply throw
Girls who simply throw stand at a side including me
Idiot Ch'ng Gaik Theng keep playing the ball by throwing up throwing down, she get scolded.
Some of us laugh, shout, and give them applause just for fun
And guest what ...
At the end of the period, teacher point some of us out and ask us to stand in a line. (Some of them were lucky they did not call out by the teacher and this teacher always like to punish students )
We get scolded in front of form 1 and form 2 students !!!
She said we play with the ball ( I did not) and making fun of the other students ( I did not, I just laugh and I'm not making fun of them)

I get demerit and humiliate because of this T_T "crazy"
I am a good student.... just playful
I always finish my homework and I am a top student in my school

In school, I am playful
At home, I am a little naughty like everyone
In tuition, I am a good little girl

You know you love me

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