Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Sports Day

This is the first year, I'm being an audience due to my leg was injured on 19th Feb
and teacher did not let me participate in any competition
You know what?
Audience is totally lame & bored!!!
Audience stink !

At least I still participate in girl guides marching.
Like every year, KRS still won in marching com this year
They won only because their uniform are sooooo smart
Girl guides are much better =D

Blue house get best overall champion =(
See.... I told u, without me they will lose haha kidding
Yesterday, they ask me if I wan to compete in 200m because a girl is injured and cannot compete in that com.
Of course I say NO, I am totally exhausted because of marching marching marching *lame*
Plus, I wont fight for loser. LOL

You know you love me


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