Monday, March 23, 2009

Continue Aids Project in MC D

We went to MC D to continue our project
We play more than work
We saw Lay Fen sis with her BF
& Jolene(form 3) came too because Inn Joe ask her to.
Btw, Eileen want me to stop calling her Inn Joe
but dun u think the name Inn Joe is cool "yeng"

Pey Shan "donkey" face
I think she is so gonna kill me
Who cares?

Her rubbish hair
just kidding !

Tic-Tac-Toe ?

Peh Khim & Wan Yan

I saw a ghost !!

What emotion is that?

Ew, Gross
I cant stand this
I keep asking them to clean it up

Outside of MC D

Me & Peh Khim

"I am king of the world !!!"


I am a witch
This is the funny part
Her phone battery flat
but she took her phone and acting like she is talking on her phone
Her conversation is hilarious! lmao
She even talk until north pole ==
Like..... is she talking to Santa Claus??

Okay, weird

Inn Joe & Pey Shan
Peace !
Inn Joe & Pey Shan

You know you love me


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