Monday, March 16, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain
Went to watch Race to Witch Mountain with sis in Queensbay
I like AnnaSophia Robb(Sara) & Alexander Ludwig(Seth)
SHE is so pretty, her eyes are beautiful and HE is handsome and cute ^^
They are soooo young
Anna is 15 and Alexandar is 16. LOL
LOVE Race to Witch Mountain
The girl seems so familiar so I checked
I found out she play Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia and Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory W-O-W
I always dream to be an alien since I was young
Once in school, teacher says about something and ask a question:
Who dun wan to be a human and why and what do u want to be?
Well, I raised my hand and I said I WANT TO BE AN ALIEN because I think alien is so much cooler. Dun u think?
And Pey Shan want to be god ==" LOL
If she is the god the world must say "BYE BYE" haha

You know you love me

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