Friday, March 13, 2009

What- A- Day (",)

As we all know tomorrow is holiday = a lot of homework T_T
Today got some result
I got A for BM, BC and Math
I only got this 3 result, others still dunno yet
But I am very confident in KH
I felt sad too because others...( when I mean others means Pey Shan, Cai Xian, Xin Xian etc) got higher marks than me.
Peh Shan= First or second in the whole form
Cai Xian= First or second in the whole form too
Xin Xian= Third in the whole form but beat by me and fell to the 4th muahahaha *evil*
But but but I still haven't received my good and best subject result yet :
KH, Geography, History, Science and English
hehehe (",)

You know you love me


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