Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kim Jeong Hoon!!!!
What do U think when he is bold???!!!! T_T
Feel like crying
Just read here: Link
Bye bye I am gonna miss you T_T

You know you love me


Still sick -.-

Today I went to school and went back about 3 o'clock
I felt so cold and my forehead is burning until 100 degree Celsius.
Okay, not that high ==
I would probably die with that body temperature.

You know you love me


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is your perfect guy/girl comprised of?

This test is no that accurate
I always think that intelligent is more important than romance
I dun think that romance is that important.
HOTNESS!!! haha
Just like Hyun Joong

- Hotness is most important in a boyfriend/girlfriend. This indicates that you are mostly into having an attractive partner. You prefer to date around, and don't usually get attached.
Perfect BF/GF Piechart -

You know you love me


I am sick T_T

I am having sore throat and fever
so I did not go to school today
I am really tired
going to rest now

oh, I find out Asta TV April 2009 cover...
Kim Hyun Joong !!!
Prince charming !!!

You know you love me


Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh My God !!! Girls Generation

I have been very busy lately and exam is coming soon.
Well, Girls Generation are lip-syncing and caught with embarrassment lol
Until Jessica part singing "Way To Go", the song skipping repeatedly.
Gosh, why cant they sing live for once!! They've been lip-syncing since their first album.
Is time to wake up girls!
No offense
Just watch the video below:

You know you love me


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister !!!!

Happy Birthday to my dearest ( since I only have one sister) sister =D !!!
Yesterday night I keep looking at the time until 00:00
I am so excited on 11.59 and type a birthday msg first
finally, 00:00 I just hit the button SEND
My timing is very accurate but it turns out I am not the first to wish my sis happy birthday.
I am 2nd T_T
Do u know who is the first???
KC !!!!!
NVM, there is always next year, 365 days to go.
I am going to be the first next year muahahaha

My sis had a really fun birthday while I was in school doing boring stuff ==
Today, we spent 5 lessons for BM!!! (replacement)
So tired.

btw I love my new header (Hyun Joong!!!)
Well, it is big
but dun u think that seeing such a nice face melt ur heart *drools*
You know you love me

Friday, April 17, 2009

“I did it for love” BoA featuring Sean Garrett

“I did it for love”BoA featuring Sean Garrett

“I..I…I…I…did it did it did it for love”
“I did it for love” just release today
Even though I am very busy but I still will spare out my times for BoA no matter what =D
BoA! U rocks!!!
LOVE U so much
100% perfect person
As I said, BoA is my role model!!!
The song & dance rocks

You know you love me


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chinese Calligraphy Competiton in Phor Tay 菩提国民型中学

Been super busy lately.
New Phor Tay 菩提国民型中学 is BIG !!!
6 floors!!! Not to mention there are elevator !!!! COOL
Anyway, me, Shi Ying, Ke Yin, Vivian, Li Yin... went for Chinese Calligraphy Competiton.
Me, Shi Ying, Ke Yin & Vivian thought it is 中楷 but it turns out to be 小楷
and so our brush is a little big
and the space is small ==
For heaven sake, I did not expect it to be so long!!!(as shown below, it is a sample 264 words!!!)
Well, I felt that I wrote very nice but I did not finish it =[
I am afraid that I am gonna regret.
Left 10 more minutes, and I still left 4 or 5 rows.
Then I stop and past it up, because I dun think I will finish in time + I make a little mistake like wrote the wrong word+ my hand is very tired.
Okay,I make this decision and I won't regret.
This is the choice I made and I am always right.
NO regret ! =D
Please no regret.... T_T

Recycle Bins =D


Big har!

You know you love me


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy B day! April Birthday Boys & Girls

If I miss ou anyone or made any mistake
please tell me =D

1 April - Kai Wei

4 April - Eunhyuk ( Super Junior )

5 April - Fion

3 April - Leona Lewis

4 April - Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears sister)

8 April - Vern Ching & Jong Hyun (SHINee)

9 April - Jovy & Jesse McCartney & Hayden Panettiere

15 April - Emma Watson

17 April - Victoria Beckham (David Beckham wife) haha

21 April - Chia Yi ( my sis )

23 April - William Shakespeare " Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow..." ==

24 April - Hooi Shin & Kelly Clarkson

25 April - Jin June

26 April - Daesung (Big Bang)

You know you love me


Monday, April 6, 2009

I dint see this coming =D

First,yesterday I continued doing my souvenir for girl guides training camp.
Very tired. Non-stop doing it!!!
Just sat there doing my souvenir for hours or u can say...almost whole day!!!
My back is really hurt T_T
Finally, I finish it. I am totally stress out.
I will reveal all the stuff i do after training camp.

Ohhhh today "something" happen to "someone".
Well, it is something very funny to me.
but it is very embarrassing to "someone".

I am not supposed to say it. But I have to.
Because it is totally funny. hahaha
*breath in, breath out. breath in, breath out. breath in, breath out.*
Here's the thing.
At first, some girls laugh and I have no idea what are they laughing.
Later then, "someone" run to another sit. & oops!! Guess what, Pey Shan saw "someone" dress got a red spot, a big red spot.
Obviously, it must be...well, u know...
I did not saw that, Pey Shan told me.
We laugh like mad.
I know it is really rude but I can't help myself.
FYI, I am not making fun of "someone". It is just so hilarious+funny.
Think that if u were her, it is really embarrassing.
I know it is bad and rude. Sorry !!!
I won't mention who is it. Neither Pey Shan.
Pinky swear =D

You know you love me


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exhusated !!!!

Exhausted because of girl guides training camp.
Need to prepare a lot of stuff.
Yesterday is my patrol first meeting.
My members marching is kinda bad, but it is just starting.
Practice makes perfect.
I am tired with all that command and timing...
Today spend the whole day doing souvenir. Really !!!
Need to do 30 souvenir. it is really difficult. Now still haven't finish all yet.
It is really tiring.
Ke yin came to my house this morning to help me with the souvenir and I gave 5 of it for her to do.
Wing Keh, I heard u faint in ur house yesterday.
Are u alright???
Oh..oh btw I change my header to the one and only ME.YAY!!


Eunhyuk and Dong Hae =D


You know you love me


Wonder Girl- "Now" MV & Big Bang & 2NE1 - "Lollipop" MV

Wonder Girl- "Now" MV

Big Bang & 2NE1 - "Lollipop" MV

Who is 2NE1 anyway??? Never heard of them.who cares?
Well, they are a new girl group form YG Entertainment.
Not interested in them.
Anyway G-dragon is so cute!!! Looks nice in pink hahaha
The song is really catchy.
Love u 4ever =D

You know you love me


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

I dun fool other ppl
because I think it is childish.
but others enjoy that
In school, "someone" took a fake snake to do some prank jokes.
The poor snake was confiscate by our head prefect.
Good bye snakie....

In tuition, my english teacher suddenly point to a corner
and shout "OMG, there's a rat !!"
I did not move because I was totally frighten, luckily I did not jump "phew" or it will be a total humiliation
The boys reaction is - jump away LOL

You know you love me