Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chinese Calligraphy Competiton in Phor Tay 菩提国民型中学

Been super busy lately.
New Phor Tay 菩提国民型中学 is BIG !!!
6 floors!!! Not to mention there are elevator !!!! COOL
Anyway, me, Shi Ying, Ke Yin, Vivian, Li Yin... went for Chinese Calligraphy Competiton.
Me, Shi Ying, Ke Yin & Vivian thought it is 中楷 but it turns out to be 小楷
and so our brush is a little big
and the space is small ==
For heaven sake, I did not expect it to be so long!!!(as shown below, it is a sample 264 words!!!)
Well, I felt that I wrote very nice but I did not finish it =[
I am afraid that I am gonna regret.
Left 10 more minutes, and I still left 4 or 5 rows.
Then I stop and past it up, because I dun think I will finish in time + I make a little mistake like wrote the wrong word+ my hand is very tired.
Okay,I make this decision and I won't regret.
This is the choice I made and I am always right.
NO regret ! =D
Please no regret.... T_T

Recycle Bins =D


Big har!

You know you love me


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