Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister !!!!

Happy Birthday to my dearest ( since I only have one sister) sister =D !!!
Yesterday night I keep looking at the time until 00:00
I am so excited on 11.59 and type a birthday msg first
finally, 00:00 I just hit the button SEND
My timing is very accurate but it turns out I am not the first to wish my sis happy birthday.
I am 2nd T_T
Do u know who is the first???
KC !!!!!
NVM, there is always next year, 365 days to go.
I am going to be the first next year muahahaha

My sis had a really fun birthday while I was in school doing boring stuff ==
Today, we spent 5 lessons for BM!!! (replacement)
So tired.

btw I love my new header (Hyun Joong!!!)
Well, it is big
but dun u think that seeing such a nice face melt ur heart *drools*
You know you love me

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