Monday, April 6, 2009

I dint see this coming =D

First,yesterday I continued doing my souvenir for girl guides training camp.
Very tired. Non-stop doing it!!!
Just sat there doing my souvenir for hours or u can say...almost whole day!!!
My back is really hurt T_T
Finally, I finish it. I am totally stress out.
I will reveal all the stuff i do after training camp.

Ohhhh today "something" happen to "someone".
Well, it is something very funny to me.
but it is very embarrassing to "someone".

I am not supposed to say it. But I have to.
Because it is totally funny. hahaha
*breath in, breath out. breath in, breath out. breath in, breath out.*
Here's the thing.
At first, some girls laugh and I have no idea what are they laughing.
Later then, "someone" run to another sit. & oops!! Guess what, Pey Shan saw "someone" dress got a red spot, a big red spot.
Obviously, it must be...well, u know...
I did not saw that, Pey Shan told me.
We laugh like mad.
I know it is really rude but I can't help myself.
FYI, I am not making fun of "someone". It is just so hilarious+funny.
Think that if u were her, it is really embarrassing.
I know it is bad and rude. Sorry !!!
I won't mention who is it. Neither Pey Shan.
Pinky swear =D

You know you love me


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