Tuesday, March 31, 2009

School ...

I hate school !!!
Duh! Who doesn't ??
To day we got a new school rule: No combs allowed !!!
No comb! No comb! No comb!
Oh my freaking god!!!
How do we tie or comb our hair
We will have bad hair day and look totally untidy !!!
See-ya comb, so gonna miss ya.
Who invent this kind of rule anyway???

I did my Eng oral today. Not bad.
but I am not the point.
After me, it was Carin turn. Our name stick together =D (chinese name pronunciation is the same)
She speaks like a British.
She got British slang. Love it so much.
U will be totally shock if u were there.

A teacher says I am a nerd
I am SO NOT a nerd !!!! ( I know I am smart "thick face" but not a nerd! )
She said I am a nerd because she thought I'm stink at sports.
Hello, everyone knows I am good at sports.
And please dun categorize the student.
We are human too!!!
She said I turn pale white when I was exercising.
Reality check, I am not a ghost !!!
& I am totally not a nerd.
I am not nerdy and I dun do what nerds do.
Nerds dun even play PS, PSP, Game Boy, computer etc.
Nerds stick with books for 24 hours even they are asleep.
Whatever, who cares??? Nowadays, school and teachers are insane.

You know you love me


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