Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Girl Guides Training Camp

1 June, 2 June and 3 June is the most tiring and miserable days of my life.
Just wanna cry out loud T_T because I am really exhausted and pressure
The funny part is whenever I cry, if Yee Shuang saw it she will start crying too hahaha
Oh, and now I name Yee Shuang "Shuang er" (Chinese) and Gaik Theng "Ting er" (Chinese)

Btw, I only won one competition, that is log book competition.
WHAT??!!! ONE only ONE "fainted"
I cant believe it !! I mean.... I prepare every competition completely perfect before training camp. I am not a last minute person. And this is what I got. ONLY ONE!! -.-"
I felt that I deserve more =(
If I knew I could only won this competition.
I wont waste my precious time on this kind of stuff.
plus, I can concentrate on my study.

Yay, I am happy for "Shuang er".
Her patrol got best overall. This is the biggest price of all.
Of course she won other competition too. Not like me =(
Life is so unfair!I work so hard on this and all I got is ONE ==
And did I mention the trophy is really small.
This is the smallest trophy I got in my life, is the truth.
See for yourself, it is so small so I name it "A REALLY SMALL TROPHY" hahaha
Well, this camp was not totally tiring. Sometimes, I had fun with my friends too =]

You know you love me

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