Friday, June 5, 2009

Girl Guides Training Camp Competition

There are a lot of competition
Item, name tag,modern cook, music instrument, banner design, fancy dress, t-shirt design, flag design, marching, log book and mini gadget
I post some of my things =]
I love my music instrument
It is beautiful
Log Book:
I made the container like an ipod
love it
Very nice!!
But I did not get to take it back
Some senior took it for a competition outside or something like this
so bye bye log book or ipod T_T
Gonna miss ya


I use a Sony plastic bag to cover up
My lovely really large ipod!!!
IPOD, U rocks!!!

Fancy Dress:
I just post the hat
I will post the shirt and pants later
The hat I am wearing is made out of plastic, newspaper and cardboard

Mini Gadget:
post some mini gadget
I did the whole thing
and my hand is really pain and red

table & chair

notice board

I love the shoes ><

Disposal Bin

Music Instrument:
Beautiful right?
It is also difficult to make
It is made up of toilet paper, cardboard, newspaper, bottle cap etc
recycle recycle recycle

Finally, it is done

First step

Cool har ?
It is not easy as it looks.
Need a lot of patient to do 30 of them ==
It is kinda difficult.

30 of them

Name Tag:
In the center is my patrol logo, looks familiar?
and Jazz is our patrol name

Made up of this recycle material

You know you love me


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