Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy B day Ke Yin !!!!!

In Ke Yin's House:
I dug its nose
This giraffe is a b day present from me for Ke Yin a long time ago.
Miss u...

In coffee shop:

Ke Yin, Yoke Jye, Yoke Ting

her little sis

Yesterday went to Gurney to celebrate Ke Yin B day
I went to her house before going Gurney
I met some evil little monster( her little cousin and sis)
They are evil!!!
We stop at a coffee shop
We saw Benedict, a teacher from our school but he is not teaching in our school now.

Everyone is waiting in Secret Recipe.
They are Yee Shuang, Min Yi, Pei Fen, Gaik Theng, Wing Keh and YT.
I met a tom boy, she is my friends friend.
They call her YT
She expressed me.
In my school, tom boy usually(not all) likes to show off and very annoying and dun get good grades. (No offense)
But YT is actually kinda quiet and they said she is smart but of course I am still smarter. =O
I called Purdy to wish her Happy B day too, then I past my phone to them to wish her too.

In cinema:
My friend
peace =D

Zac Efron!!!!

Zac Efron
AGAIN !!!!

Harry Potter
it is not clear because of the reflection


me & Sarah


Wing Keh with a large size Mickey Mouse by her side


Ke Yin took this picture
and I took hers

Gaik Theng

Hannah Montana The Movie
Before we went for a movie, we shop for awhile.
Some watched Hannah Montana The Movie and some watch Night At The Museum 2.
I went to watch Hannah Montana The Movie with Ke Yin, because most of them went to watch Night At The Museum 2. Hello, cant they respect what the birthday girl wants?
Well, I only love a song by her, that is "The Climb".
I am not interested in Hannah Montana.
The best part is Taylor Swift appeared in the movie!!!!!
Taylor Swift sang "Crazier" She is thousand times better than Hannah Montana.
Taylor Swift is so beautiful and sweet. She is like a princess. Love her!!!
the boy who play the role Travis is cute!!! I love to see him.
I love to see every part he appears.
His real name is Lucas Till and he is born on August 10, 1990. So young!!!
He is CUTE!! haha
And he also starred in Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" MV!!!!
He is really super CUTE again. hehehe
Lucas Till:

really cute
super cute

Taylor Swift- Crazier

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me MV

I LOVE this MV
Lucas Till!!! So cute
Taylor Swift always like a princess.
And they kiss. Ahhhhhhhh. sweet!!!

Outside of HOL:

Caught Gaik Theng pic

Fake KEY is the one who wears black shirt at the counter.

We went to search a b day present for Ke Yin.
We went to New Wing.
And past HOL.
In Vanessa blog, she mention that someone works in HOL looks like KEY from SHINee.
They are hungry so they sat on the bench near HOL.
And I saw Fake KEY ( I decided to call him that)
He looks a little like Key, but Key is much cuter.
The Fake KEY looks older too.
I wanted to take his photo but I failed. ==
I just keep on stalking or staring =p
In the end, we went for Sakae Sushi.

In Sakae Sushi:
Me & Wing Keh

We ate Sakae Sushi with evil little monsters.
One of them is Yoke Jie, She is the evilest monster. hehe
She is my little cousin bro friend too.
I ate until I am full.
About 7 something everyone rush back for their tuition.
Did I mention they went for tuition in the same place??
So just left me, Ke Yin and evil little monsters.

Opposite of HOL

Later on, we separate.
I am with Ke Yin, I went to HOL with Ke Yin for stalking.
Of course we did not go in.
Body Glove is just opposite HOL and Ke Yin wants to buy a school bag.
She cant decide. We stalk for a little while.
And A group of boys walk by.
One of them just appears at Ke Yin side.
And says 小姐,我好像认识你。
Ke Yin went heh heh.
that guy continue 你认识我吗?
Ke Yin shake her head
then he went on 对不起认错人了。LOL
and we just walk off to Parkson.
And that fake KEY went in Parkson too, I dunno what he is doing.
I try to take his photo but only manage to get a photo of his back -.-"
I think the boy from his side knew that we are stalking, well maybe just staring.
We went to Body Glove and bought the bag. It is RM126.
I share the money with other friends.
We went back to seat on the bench.
I am still trying to take his photo.
Suddenly, the weirdest thing just happened.
He waved at us with a big smile. A big waved. Is a wave with raising his hand. -.-
I was totally frightened and turned my head back to Ke Yin then started to laught like crazy.
He freak me out!!!
I am sweating and treambling.
Ke Yin wants to go to Beads Zone to bought something for herself and PY.
PY!!! (only ppl who knew PY knows what is going on)
So bye bye Fake KEY. LOL

The moon

On the way home, her parents stop by at a place to eat.
And it is really getting late.
when I went home is already 11.
So I bath and went to sleep.
What A Day.

Happy B day!!

You know you love me



  1. Aiyer .
    fake key waved to you .

  2. LOL, that situation is really embarrassing.