Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Wing Keh!!!

We went to Gurney to celebrate Wing Keh B day.
Her B day is on 28th of July.
We went to Red Box from 2 to 6.
Having so much FUN!!!!
There are Wing Keh, me, Peh Khim, Pey Shan, Min Yi, Xin Yi, Wan Yan, Cai Xian, Phooi Fun and Jun xin who is 1 yr younger than us and she is Wing Keh friend.
We sang English songs the most.
We went wild and mad.
We jump on the table and sofa, so crazy.
Cai Xian and Wan Yan went home about 4 something.
Me, Min Yi, Xin Yi and Phooi Fun went to a little birthday gift shopping.
Finally, we bought a Converse handbag and Maybeline eyeshadow for her.
I love the bag so much.
Later, we went to BBQ Chicken for lunch.

Converse !!!

Who is curling back there??

Wing Keh and Phooi Fun

Min Yi, Phooi Fun and Xin Yi


Me!!! btw the mirror is a little dirty

Min Yi and me

Peh Khim and Pey Shan

You know you love me

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