Monday, August 31, 2009

How I spent My One Week Holiday

Going back to school tomorrow T_T Sob
Gonna miss school holidays...
BTW, Happy National Day!!! Dunno why, but it is kinda odd to add the word "happy".
Usually we just say National Day... oh well

How I spent My Holiday.
It feels like a title of an essay -.-"
Most of the day sitting in front of my lovely computer.
My sis bought a RayBan Sunglasses. Sweet ^^
On 25th, my sis brought me to Baskin for ice cream.
Usually, is her treat.
But this time is my treat, I insist because for some reason. Hehe

Happy Birthday Min Yi & Phooi Fun !!!
They are cousin and they celebrate their birthday together.
Min Yi B day is on 21th of August and Phooi Fun B Day is on 23th of August. (If I am not wrong)
We Went to Gurney.
There are 9 of us.
Me, Min Yi, Phooi Fun, Peh Khim, Ke Yin, Pey Shan, Wing Keh, Xin Yi and YT.
I went to Min Yi house in the morning.
Ate lunch in Kim Gary and met Kuan Ting XD
Watched G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra.
Bought Them a really large bear each.
They really like large and fury soft toy.
But on my opinion, soft toy aren't realistic.
On the phone with Ke Yin, I told her to come to Padini where Min Yi and I was.
She heard Roxy. Then another time, I said Top Shop and she heard dunno something shark, I think. How funny. The phone is really blur though.

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra
I love the movie.
So yeng.
I love the fighting part the most, it is so cool.

Now I realized Duke (Channing Tatum) was main actor of Step Up.

Went to Min Yi house in the morning
Min Yi 's soft toy dog.
So large
very cute.
But the real dog in her house freak me out.

Pink nails?

Min Yi

Xin Yi

She had pink nails and I had black nails.

This drink is delicious.
Shared it with Ke Yin.

Me and Ke Yin

Peh Khim is wearing mask because she is sick.
Is she is trying to drink with her mask on??

Min Yi

Wing Keh and Me

You know you love me