Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday FPS!!!

911 is Pey Shan B day!
What an interesting day to born LOL
I did not wish her Happy B day on 12.
To tell the truth I totally forgot about it.
Pai Seh...Sorry...
So I told her I am going to send her a B day msg tonight and write 2010 yr
So I am the first to wish her next yr!!
In class, I shouted "Pey Shan, Happy Birthday!"
Then she run over and hug me =="

To my beloved Pey Shan:
I know u love me in ur heart, even though u say u hate me on ur mouth. -.-"
Like I always say 你对我又爱又恨 Haha
We always argue a lot of stuff, but that is the way to increase our relationship.
U always sing in the class and I always says that u r really annoying.
But that is the truth. haha
I let u sing today because is ur B day. I am really nice, right?

You know you love me


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