Thursday, September 3, 2009


SM new group F(x) had release their MV!!!!
SM always has the best artists
F(x) will definitely beat 2NE1 and 4 minute!
F(x)- "Lachata" MV

F(x) rocks!
I love F(x)

The pink car in the MV is the car that YoonA driving in "Tell Me Your Wish" MV.
Victoria Song:

Victoria Song!!!!!!
Victoria Song is my fav.
She's the leader of F(x)
She's from China.
She even works with rain for Anydream before. Her dancing is superb.
She also appeared in Super Junior-M "U", and SHINee's "Replay"
LOVE Victoria!!!

Krystal Jung is Jessica(SNSD)little sister.
She's Korean American like Jessica.
I like Krystal more than Jessica.
krystal is better.
She is the youngest, 15 yrs old.
She is the girl in SHINee – "Juliette" MV

Amber is the one who had the boyish look.
She is cute ^^ & cool
I like her too especially her rapping.
She's Chinese American.

And there are Luna and Sul Li.
Luna had her own style.
Sul Li is my least fav -.-"
She looks prettier when she put her hair down.

You know you love me


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