Thursday, October 22, 2009

You're Beautiful !!!

Must watch this !!!
You're Beautiful 是美男啊
I have been watching this show!!!
They are like a band- A.N. JELL I love their songs!
HONG GI!!! Jang Geun Seuk!!!
Hong Gi from F.T Island is totally adorable in the show!!! *drools*
He is very sweet and cute!!! Especially, when his eyes are watery and with a innocent look.
Trust me, he is cuteeeeeee, u will totally fell in love with him ^^
There is
Jang Geun Seuk too from the show "Beethoven Virus" & "Baby and I"!!
I like his cuteness but there is not much cute in this show and his hair in the show not really nice.
Jung Yong Hwa is a new guy. He is sweet too.
I hate the girl, Uee from after school!! She likes to act like an angel but she is a devil!!!
It is hilarious!!
I love the soundtrack too.

Here is a A.N JELL performance:

You know you love me


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