Saturday, November 28, 2009


No more You're Beautiful anymore!
Watched the last ep yesterday.
After finish watching, I told my sis my life become meaningless.
No more A.N JELL T_T
The ending is boring lar, only Tae Kyung and Mi Nam at the end. -.-"
Jeremy~~ Shin Woo~~
Miss them... There had been rumors about You're Beautiful season 2.
Hope that is true ^^
Bye You're Beautiful!! I'll miss u.
It is ok though, I still can see Hong Gi in F.T Island
Yong Hwa in C.N Blue and maybe his upcoming drama ^^
Downloaded lots of You're Beautiful behind the scene.
Most of it are SBS Contents Hub
Hilarious weyy
Hong Gi do lots of stupid but funny stuff, so cute.
He loves to hug ppl!! And set his face on ppl shoulders!
Jung Yong Hwa did the walking in the rain scene for 10 times! Poor Shin Woo
He keep on saying'posture of new artist' with a bitter smile
Pity him Sob
The weather is freezing out there.
Whenever they are not filming, they wore a really thick coat and sometimes even changed their shoes to keep themselves warm and comfy!!
And there is an article about Hong Gi in the bus scene, everyone including the staff really cried.
He is an expert, I am impressed!!! I can't stop crying during this scene too!
Lee Hong Gi is awesome! the best scene ever!
There are lots more, it is impossible for me to write it all here.
Just don;t forget A.N JELL.
They can't be forgotten!
Jackpot, A.N JELL! LOL

A poll was done recently on which couple the netizens wish to see at the end of ‘You’re Beautiful’. 11,560 netizens voted.
Kang ShinWoo-Go MiNam (48.1% – 5,563) Yay ShinWoo
Hwang TaeKyung-Go MiNam (43.0% – 4,971)
Jeremy-Go MiNam (856)
Hwang TaeKyung-Yoo HyeYi (170)

♥ Lynn

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Luckily, SHINee Tae Min swine flu is not very serious.
Speedy recover, Tae Min ^^
I already know how You're Beautiful ep15 and ep16 will turns out.
How sad that Shin Woo got rejected T_T
The "real" Mi Nam is so odd. LOL
Jeremy~~ still the cutest!
This morning, went to Girl Guides marching.
frustrated, depressed and experienced the pain !!!
Everyone is not even taking it seriously and most of them went to prefect marching
I am trying to give them education of love and they are like fooling around.
I am fed up with this!
I dun even get it why I am suffering for this, I can just leave them there.
At least, I got to see Min Yi and Pei Er dance some of the dance they are dancing for the Traplex camp.
They are dancing some part of Chu~♡ too!!! Do it Chu~♡
But they did not dance Chu~♡ for me to see today T_T.
Their dance included 'Ah' by After School. Hate Uee!!!
And 'Fire' by 2NE1. Not a fan of 2NE1 -.-"
f(x) is the BEST!!

Updates on 9.35pm
I am back to playing Maple Story =D
Well, it is actually not good at all, it makes me addicted to it.
I just need to keep on telling myself "just play for fun, dun be addicted."
I met A.N JELL !! Actually is just the name of the character.
It is ANJELL520 and I saw SoshifiedLuv LOL
Then I met my identical twins too. Actually... she is just wearing the some of the same equipment as I am -.-"
And I am fed up, I have no idea why it keep on disconnected during party quest like Monster Carnival. Help me! Any idea?



♥ Lynn

091124 <3 <3 <3

Went to Queensbay with sis.
Went to Starbucks.
My sis studied her Law and I did my tuition work, read Percy Jackson & Olympians from Borders, play PSP etc
Eat sushi again for that 20% thingy

Love This ^^

Oh yeah, till round 100 again!

HongGi is blinking

Best third DSLR!!

The clock is really ticking

Christmas decorations <3

wipe wipe

OK =]



Hey, Mickey!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong Hwa!!! Catch boars???

The 2 sweetest guys in the world is going to catch boars!
They will be for the new corner on MBC ‘Sunday Night’.
The new corner is called Hunters and the members will catch boars because of the harm they can cause on people and crops.
Go for it, Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Hyun Joong!!!
Be careful ~~~
♥ Lynn

Uee is not Natural "beauty"

Wow. Miss naughty Uhey (Uee) is not natural beauty.
Her pre- debut photos are..... ummm..... (whatever u think it is)
Her eyes are totally diffrent. Larger? And looks like an owl or a cat.
Even though she had plastic surgery but she's aren't that beautiful too. =p

♥ Lynn

Monday, November 23, 2009

Amber, Krystal and Sulli diagnosed with Swine Flu

f(x) members Amber, Krystal and Sulli have been diagnosed with Swine Flu.
Luckily, Victoria and Luna are in the pink of health .

Recover soon!

♥ Lynn

Male ver of SNSD? So Nyun Chun Jee?

There have been rumors on Korean websites that SM Entertainment is going to come out with another boy band next year. The unofficial name as of now is So Nyun Chun Jee(소년천지, 少年天地), which could roughly translate into "Heaven and earth of boys" or "A lot of boys." There will be 9 members meaning that it could be the male version of SNSD, and information on 6 members have surfaced along with some of their photos.

Top 2 pictures are of Han Gyu Wan, born in 1988, who failed to become a final member of SS501.
Next 2 are of Kim Joon Myun, born in 1991, who appeared in TVXQ's Hahaha song MV.
Next set of pictures are of Kim Moon Kyu, born in 1993, who appeared in a Chun Sang Gee Hee the Grace's Passion MV as a child version of Kim Ki Bum. He is also rumoured to be Lee Soo Man's favourite trainee.
Next picture is of Kim Jong In, born in 1994, who appeared in TVXQ's Hahaha song MV.
Next picture is of Ryu Chao, a Chinese trainee.
Last picture is of Yoo Chi Soo, who is rumoured to be an exceptional singer.

Credits: Link

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MAMA 2009

SM artists did not attend MAMA awards due to SM announcement that they cited the issue of fairness. Unfortunately, Jae Joong, Jun Su and Yoo Chun attended.
Looks like they are still on the fight with SM.
SM artists did not even won a big award!! Mnet is so unfair.
Suju won all those voting awards ^^ This is the best part.

Artist of the Year: 2PM

Best Song: 2NE1's I Don't Care

Best Album: G-Dragon's Heartbreaker
Yay, G-Dragon!

Best Male Group: 2PM

Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls

Best MV: 2NE1's Fire

Best Asian Composer: JYP

Best Female Solo Artist: Baek Ji Young

Best Male Solo Artist: Drunken Tiger

Best Representative for Asia: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Jae Joong looks so sad
His speech is really touching.
I really hope 5 of them will stick together forever.

Best R&B/Ballad Song: Kim Tae Woo's - Love Rain
Nice song ^^

Best House/Electronic: Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra
Whenever i see the word 'Abracadabra', a image of Key dancing Abracadabra, Mister and Tell me your wish just pop in my head, shaking his butt LOL

Asian Recommend: AKB48

Best Rock Song: Boowhal's Remembering

Best Hip Hop Artist: Leessang

Best Mixed Gender Group: 8Eight

Best OST Award: SS501's Because I'm Stupid for Boys Over Flowers
Hah, I knew it!! They won!!

Best Dance: Kara's Honey

Best Trot Award: Hong Jin Yong's Love Battery

Best New Female Artist: 2NE1

Best New Male Artist: Supremes

CGV Popularity Award: Super Junior (Did not attend)
Suju Suju Suju

Overseas Viewer Award: Super Junior
Wuli Super Juni~~OR

Mobile Popularity Award: Super Junior

Music Portal Mnet Award: 2NE1

Director of Music Video Award: Hong Won Ki

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tae Yang- Wedding Dress

Tae Yang- Wedding Dress
♥♥ Love this song.
I am so obsessed over Wedding Dress.
Love the dance too, it is so cool =D

♥ Lynn

Last day of school

Yay, 6 weeks holidays has just begin!!
I hate school today!!!
We used science lab today with 2M2.
WTH, they all wanna watch horror and ghost movie!
I thought school dun allowed those movie.
And so, we watched Orphan and ... dun wanna mention that.
Looked down or closed my eyes most of the time.
Just one word SCARY
It is creeping me out. Now, I am going everywhere with fear!!
Help! dun wanna talk about this anymore.
Anyway, You're Beautiful ep14 T_T Sob sob.
Sob for Hong Gi, I really did cry during Hong Gi's part.
Pity him T_T. He is the best actor, he's acting skills just like a pro.
Love him this cutie, just like an innocent small boy.
Too bad for Tae Kyung and Mi Nam
And I wanna said "Hwaiting, Shin Woo!"
Oh.. and the real Min Nam is coming back...
I am watching an old movie, AI Artificial Intelligence
The little boy is adorable. This movie is truly touching ^^

f(x) - Chu~♡ @ Music Bank 091120

Amber wears pink pants haha
and she had a hair cut too ^^
Happy Hoidays!!!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday MUM ! 091119

Happy Birthday!!
Went to Gurney ^^
Btw, my cousin bro got 7As in UPSR!!!
Our first, last and the only 7As in our family. LOL


LOL. My sis is studying law

Sis bought that super blink earring =D
BTW,that is my ear.

Playground nearby Gurney

♥ Lynn


Went to watched 2012 with family last night!!!
My sis rewatch this movie -.-"
I like it!!!
It made me believe 2012 is truly the end of the world!!
The little girl is so cute, she loves to wear hat.
Thumbs up for this movie =D


!!! When I was walking through the way to watch 2012 yesterday, I had a feeling there's something.
So, I take a look at every movie poster on the wall through the way.
AND.. I saw this (pic below)
I was like pulling back my sis and going crazy about this.
Few days ago, I said something about god.
My sis took this book (2nd pic below) for me and she said I would like it.
As u can see, the book is worn out. -.-"
I read and finished it in school, I love it!!!
My friends who saw the cover of the book usually ask "Isn't that ur red Converse shoe?"
haha. Yeah, it really looks the same!! LOL
The lining, the colour, everything is the same accept for the word 'H'.
Cant wait for the movie!! It is all about god, actually... Olympian, cool ^^
Logan Lerman is going for the role Percy Jackson, kinda cute!
Son of Poseidon!!! I am definitely going to read the rest of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books
The movie is showing on Feb 2010!!

Official Trailer

I still remember he is going to 600th floor with the lift to see Zeus.

You know you love me

Since when my school turned into a movie theater?

Yesterday, 5 classes squeezed into the library due the fact that SPM is going on.
No disturbance allowed.
Watched movie whole day.
We watch Taken first.
But I was expecting Taken by Dakota Fanning. I love her.
She's like the sweetest girl in the world!
The Taken movie turned out to be nice too.
2nd movie is Tsunami !!
The front part is boring.
But I love it during the tsunami, like I said it is very touching...
Poor Lee Min Ki die for that stupid guy.
He is one of my fav actor, watched a lot of his show! Love it
Third movie, Twilight ==
I am getting bored with this movie even though it is nice.
I realized this movie is makes me sleepier and sleepier the more time I watched.
I will definitely watch New Moon because lovely Dakota Fanning is going for the cast Jane!!
Yay!! Dakota Fanning!!
But we watched 15 min only, we gotta pack our bags and ready to go home.

You know you love me