Sunday, November 15, 2009

091114 Class Party

2P1 2009 Class Party on 091114.
As u can see i wont be posting much pic of me because I hate the looks with my hairs tie up!! T_T

My honey and me ^^

The "pro" photographer

...... weird much??

There is no use for hiding, Poh Yin

At first, they actually put a seven. -.-"
I told them putting a 2 is better than the 7 .

3 "Mans"?
Superman, ultraman and spiderman LOL

The little boy is Kar Wei's little bro
He is 5
Not so little, eh

Pey Shan took the leftover -.-"

Only the students that are going to 3P2 next yr had the honor to cut the cake.
But y Shuang Er is there???

FPS Fong Pey Shan.

You know you love me


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