Saturday, November 28, 2009


No more You're Beautiful anymore!
Watched the last ep yesterday.
After finish watching, I told my sis my life become meaningless.
No more A.N JELL T_T
The ending is boring lar, only Tae Kyung and Mi Nam at the end. -.-"
Jeremy~~ Shin Woo~~
Miss them... There had been rumors about You're Beautiful season 2.
Hope that is true ^^
Bye You're Beautiful!! I'll miss u.
It is ok though, I still can see Hong Gi in F.T Island
Yong Hwa in C.N Blue and maybe his upcoming drama ^^
Downloaded lots of You're Beautiful behind the scene.
Most of it are SBS Contents Hub
Hilarious weyy
Hong Gi do lots of stupid but funny stuff, so cute.
He loves to hug ppl!! And set his face on ppl shoulders!
Jung Yong Hwa did the walking in the rain scene for 10 times! Poor Shin Woo
He keep on saying'posture of new artist' with a bitter smile
Pity him Sob
The weather is freezing out there.
Whenever they are not filming, they wore a really thick coat and sometimes even changed their shoes to keep themselves warm and comfy!!
And there is an article about Hong Gi in the bus scene, everyone including the staff really cried.
He is an expert, I am impressed!!! I can't stop crying during this scene too!
Lee Hong Gi is awesome! the best scene ever!
There are lots more, it is impossible for me to write it all here.
Just don;t forget A.N JELL.
They can't be forgotten!
Jackpot, A.N JELL! LOL

A poll was done recently on which couple the netizens wish to see at the end of ‘You’re Beautiful’. 11,560 netizens voted.
Kang ShinWoo-Go MiNam (48.1% – 5,563) Yay ShinWoo
Hwang TaeKyung-Go MiNam (43.0% – 4,971)
Jeremy-Go MiNam (856)
Hwang TaeKyung-Yoo HyeYi (170)

♥ Lynn

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