Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dot Dot Dot

Now we are currently using computer room as our class.
At least there's still air conditioner.
The temperature is so much better. Not to cold and not too hot.
Just nice. Weeeeeeeee
My friends are so addicted in a game.
First, they sit in a circle and throw many pieces of papers on the floor with the word "cop", "assassin" and "the common ppl" in Chinese,of course.
There are 2 assassins, a cop and lots of the common
The assassins killed by winking at them. (Obviously, the assassins must be alert that not to wink at the cop or she will be busted but neither ppl know who's who)
The cop is suppose to catch the assassins by observing.
The ppl who were killed was like "I am so innocent, hurry catch the assassin and all that" LOL
We used to play this game when we were kids but now we are actually 14 -.-"
I did not join this game though.
I did not maple for a long time and I just realized there's so much going on.
The Aran class and the new world Izar in SG gateway.
The Aran class is so cool, I love to try it.
School is getting bored this days since our 6 weeks holidays is coming closer!!!
3 days to go!
Teachers had a meeting today and I went for a walk, visited some classes.
Prefects dun even care because most of them are my friends LOL (How irresponsible is that, tsek tsek tsek)Joking, dun take that seriously. Peace =D
Wan Yan was shouting at 1P1 to be quiet and I was thinking isnt she the one who make noise in class too.... hmm... I wonder...
Haha, who wouldn't make noise in class.
Usually, my class is just as noisy as the market.
Well, 3 days to go!!! Oh Yeah!!

You know you love me


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