Friday, November 6, 2009


Play a bunch of childish game in school yesterday.
The funniest part is the loser need to kiss a person on the cheek. LOL
Pey Shan and Jovy kissed Cai Xian cheek. Ew... disgusting.
Luckily, I am successful to get away from Pey Shan disgusting kiss. Yuck
There is a English reading program thingy, it is sooooooooooooooo boring.
Oh, today is a really fun day too.
Honestly, I am planning to stay at home today but lots of touch up work got to do.
So, I decided to go to school.
Free period during Eng because teacher is absent. Yay.
Suddenly, Wing Keh pulled me to her class (Next to my class).
She told me about Mei Yan singing before.
And finally I get to hear it in person, it is hilarious.
I burst out a laugh!! U have no idea how it is!
She sang "Maria" by Kim Ah Joong!!
Her voice keep on crack. LOL
She even use a mineral water bottle as her mike and her expressions is so funny!!
And I turn to the Blackboard. There are words:
"Maria" Leow Mei Yan
I was like WTH! Then I keep laughing till I can't help myself and no idea why I was sitting on the floor!
Wing Keh draw a strict on the word "Maria" and write the word "Anti"
Almost everyone gather around to listen to her singing! She was like a "pop star"
Someone said something and she said 讨厌 (hate) in a really odd voice, just like Phooi Fun and WK told me. Hahahaha
She sangs a lot of other songs too and i cant stop laughing.
Sometimes before she sings, she even test her voice with a "ah~~~~"
Before she sangs "Balloon" by TVXQ, she told us she also know how to dance.
She sings and dance at the same time. The dance was like.... "totally speechless" WOW!!!
In the end, Pey Shan appeared out of nowhere and shout "teacher is coming!"
And there goes all the noise. Pushing the chair, running to their sit and I ran to my class, still thinking about that thingy.
Even though her voice sucks, but she certainly bring us joy.
Well, we talk a lot during History and BM lesson.
We just recheck our books and past it up to teacher.
Teacher is so busy marking.
I told Peh Khim and Pey Shan about it.
Too bad, they missed it. Chat a lot.
And we are planning to go to PS house on Sunday!
Cant wait till the day.
I love You're Beautiful ep9.
I really hate Uee. urgh, that witch. Her face is so fat and her eyes are really ugly.
She looks like a cat and I hate cat!!
In the end of the ep, Shin Woo says "she is my girl"(Dun worry, it is not to Uee). that part was really touching.
My sis love him so much.
Poor Hong Gi who is the only one who dunno what is happening. His expressions really cute!! Still need to wait until next week to watch the next ep...
Well, tata for now!

You know you love me


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