Friday, November 20, 2009

Last day of school

Yay, 6 weeks holidays has just begin!!
I hate school today!!!
We used science lab today with 2M2.
WTH, they all wanna watch horror and ghost movie!
I thought school dun allowed those movie.
And so, we watched Orphan and ... dun wanna mention that.
Looked down or closed my eyes most of the time.
Just one word SCARY
It is creeping me out. Now, I am going everywhere with fear!!
Help! dun wanna talk about this anymore.
Anyway, You're Beautiful ep14 T_T Sob sob.
Sob for Hong Gi, I really did cry during Hong Gi's part.
Pity him T_T. He is the best actor, he's acting skills just like a pro.
Love him this cutie, just like an innocent small boy.
Too bad for Tae Kyung and Mi Nam
And I wanna said "Hwaiting, Shin Woo!"
Oh.. and the real Min Nam is coming back...
I am watching an old movie, AI Artificial Intelligence
The little boy is adorable. This movie is truly touching ^^

f(x) - Chu~♡ @ Music Bank 091120

Amber wears pink pants haha
and she had a hair cut too ^^
Happy Hoidays!!!

♥ Lynn

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