Monday, November 23, 2009

Male ver of SNSD? So Nyun Chun Jee?

There have been rumors on Korean websites that SM Entertainment is going to come out with another boy band next year. The unofficial name as of now is So Nyun Chun Jee(소년천지, 少年天地), which could roughly translate into "Heaven and earth of boys" or "A lot of boys." There will be 9 members meaning that it could be the male version of SNSD, and information on 6 members have surfaced along with some of their photos.

Top 2 pictures are of Han Gyu Wan, born in 1988, who failed to become a final member of SS501.
Next 2 are of Kim Joon Myun, born in 1991, who appeared in TVXQ's Hahaha song MV.
Next set of pictures are of Kim Moon Kyu, born in 1993, who appeared in a Chun Sang Gee Hee the Grace's Passion MV as a child version of Kim Ki Bum. He is also rumoured to be Lee Soo Man's favourite trainee.
Next picture is of Kim Jong In, born in 1994, who appeared in TVXQ's Hahaha song MV.
Next picture is of Ryu Chao, a Chinese trainee.
Last picture is of Yoo Chi Soo, who is rumoured to be an exceptional singer.

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