Thursday, November 26, 2009


Luckily, SHINee Tae Min swine flu is not very serious.
Speedy recover, Tae Min ^^
I already know how You're Beautiful ep15 and ep16 will turns out.
How sad that Shin Woo got rejected T_T
The "real" Mi Nam is so odd. LOL
Jeremy~~ still the cutest!
This morning, went to Girl Guides marching.
frustrated, depressed and experienced the pain !!!
Everyone is not even taking it seriously and most of them went to prefect marching
I am trying to give them education of love and they are like fooling around.
I am fed up with this!
I dun even get it why I am suffering for this, I can just leave them there.
At least, I got to see Min Yi and Pei Er dance some of the dance they are dancing for the Traplex camp.
They are dancing some part of Chu~♡ too!!! Do it Chu~♡
But they did not dance Chu~♡ for me to see today T_T.
Their dance included 'Ah' by After School. Hate Uee!!!
And 'Fire' by 2NE1. Not a fan of 2NE1 -.-"
f(x) is the BEST!!

Updates on 9.35pm
I am back to playing Maple Story =D
Well, it is actually not good at all, it makes me addicted to it.
I just need to keep on telling myself "just play for fun, dun be addicted."
I met A.N JELL !! Actually is just the name of the character.
It is ANJELL520 and I saw SoshifiedLuv LOL
Then I met my identical twins too. Actually... she is just wearing the some of the same equipment as I am -.-"
And I am fed up, I have no idea why it keep on disconnected during party quest like Monster Carnival. Help me! Any idea?



♥ Lynn

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