Tuesday, November 10, 2009

School school school

We returned all those super heavy text books today and took back form 3 really super heavy books home for next year. -.-
... I am forth in whole form.
Cai Xian first, Xin Xian second and Pey Shan third.
I got highest in Eng, lol. (counted by the average of mid year and year end exam)
That means, our eng standard is really low. O_O
I just lose 2 marks to PS in Geography, so she got highest in Geo.
To our surprise, neither me nor PS got highest in History.
It is Cai Xian!
Enough of this stupid thingy.
The worst part is some of my friends are going down to second class! Sob
The really worst part is all those quiet girls come to our class next yr! T_T
Just cant believe it!!!
Just forget about it. Let all the frustration flow out of my mind. Peace....
Much better ^^
Suddenly, I remembered something.
I asked PS to watch Chu~♡ and of course she love the dance.
The thing I remember the most is she said Krystal aren't that skinny.
I was like,Oh pls, if Krystal aren't that skinny then what must she call herself? extremely fat?
Kidding la.
If I did not say kidding, she will chop my head off.
FYI, chopping ppl head is what I always say if I am displease with somebody,
But I never actually do it because I am not stupid =D

And see this!! High Cut Photoshoot- You're Beautiful
Hong Gi is super cute. 100% a hyperactive boy. He always like to hug ppl too.
The 2nd part, Hong Gi is trying to act TaeKyung LOL
Shin Woo ahaha, Love him!

You know you love me