Thursday, November 19, 2009

Since when my school turned into a movie theater?

Yesterday, 5 classes squeezed into the library due the fact that SPM is going on.
No disturbance allowed.
Watched movie whole day.
We watch Taken first.
But I was expecting Taken by Dakota Fanning. I love her.
She's like the sweetest girl in the world!
The Taken movie turned out to be nice too.
2nd movie is Tsunami !!
The front part is boring.
But I love it during the tsunami, like I said it is very touching...
Poor Lee Min Ki die for that stupid guy.
He is one of my fav actor, watched a lot of his show! Love it
Third movie, Twilight ==
I am getting bored with this movie even though it is nice.
I realized this movie is makes me sleepier and sleepier the more time I watched.
I will definitely watch New Moon because lovely Dakota Fanning is going for the cast Jane!!
Yay!! Dakota Fanning!!
But we watched 15 min only, we gotta pack our bags and ready to go home.

You know you love me


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