Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Special!

Just now, watched 2008 MKMF on 8tv!
I can still remember every performance on last year MKMF.
Miss DBSK, they are so different now compare to last year, they look so happy together
SM Entertainment... *sigh*

Watching Music Bank now! Lots of artists today, Christmas special!!
OMG!! SM artists gather together at backstage!! SHINee, f(x), Suju and SNSD!!
Ew... Uee.
Uee & a member from 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls and Kara performed "3" -.-
Woo, SM artists!!! They rocks!!
f(x) with Chu~♡, Victoria did a double flip again and continue with
SHINee "Ring Ding Dong", f(x) performed with them too!! Jong Hyun ~~
SNSD with Gee. Key, Tae Min, Victoria and Krystal performed with them!!
Key must be very happy to perform Gee! Haha
SM artists (accept suju) sang Jingle Bell rock together!!
Kara "Mister" La, la, la, la, la, la. Their butt shaking LOL. I only like Nicole. But I am not a big fan of Kara.
And there is 4minute and 2NE1. Whats with their hair and outfit =/
Brown Eyed Girls with Abracadabra. Their butt shaking move LOL.
2PM performed again & again and heartbeat.
Wooo~~ Suju "Sorry Sorry"!!
Han Kyung, Hee Chul, Kangin and Ki Bum not here.
Really disappointed with Sung Min hair , Dong Hae hair is much better and his voice change, but still very nice.
Eunhyuk looks great!!
Congrats SNSD! They won 2009 overall K-chart with Gee!!!
Suju lost to them and they are 2nd!!! Personally, I hope Suju won.
But It's ok. SM artists rocks!!

f(x) Chu~♡ @ Music Bank 091225

Vic!! Double flip again! Vic wears a Christmas hat!!
Sulli wears a reindeer hairband haha!!
♥Victoria! ♥Amber! ♥Krystal! ♥Sulli! ♥Luna!

SHINee Ring Ding Dong ft. f(x) @ Music Bank 091225

SHINee!! f(x)!! Ring Ding Dong together!!
Jong Hyun~~~ ♥♥♥

SNSD Gee ft. Key, Tae Min, Victoria, Krystal & Jingle Bell Rock by SHINee, f(x), SNSD @ Music Bank 091225

Key finally gets his wish granted!!
Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
~ Key Key Key Key baby baby baby LOL
He looks so happy~~ Key wears an earmuff on his neck and Tae Min wears a Santa hat!
Go Victoria & Krystal!!
Jingle Bell Rock!!! Onew and Amber wears a red ball on their nose ^^
Look at Jong Hyun right hand when they start to sing Jingle Bell Rock.
His hand is on Amber shoulder, they look like brothers haha!! ♥Jong Hyun~~
Feel the happiness and warmness of SM Town =]

Super Junior Sorry Sorry @ Music Bank 091225

Han Kyung, Hee Chul, Kangin and Ki Bum are absent.
Dong Hae voice really changed!! I am very surprised!! How could it possibly changed!?
Then my sis came out with a lame but a possible explanation > "Maybe he sangs to much Chinese songs." -.-
His voice is still very nice!
Eunhyuk is perfect. Lee Teuk and KyuHyun too.
Sung Min... is great accept his hair ==

♥ Lynn

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