Thursday, December 31, 2009

MBC Gayo Daejun 2009

MBC Gayo Daejun 2009

MC's- Kim Gura, Lee Bo Young, and Shin Jung Hwan
Performing artistes- 2PM, JYP, Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi, SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), KARA, SHINee, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Tae Woo, MC Mong, Son Dambi and more.

All the 2009 hit songs!!
Nichkhun and Lee Bo Young does “Way Back Into Love”! He played the piano!!
He is extremely adorable!! The only 2PM members I like =D
f(x)- "LA chA TA" They are so lovely!!
Jewelry- Superstar and One More Time
Davichi- 8282
4Minute- Hot Issue & Muzik (They thought the spelling of "Muzik" is cool but it is in Malay language hahaha)
After School- Because of You & Ah (Their outfit freaks me out)
Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra and Flashmob and Sign
T.T.L.- Listen 2
Kara- Mickey + Rock U and Mister
Kim Tae Woo ft Seohyun- Love Rain. Aww.. nice song.
BEAST- Mystery ft. 4Minute
SHINee- "Ring Ding Dong" and ft Kara "Juliette"(remix ver) Love Jong Hyun as uaual!! ♥♥♥ Ring Ding Dong rocks!! Oh Yeah!
Arghhh, Kara again!! Kara just know how to shake their butts, why in the world that they performed Juliette with SHINee T_T JongHyun and Gyuri!? Yuck!!! Kara, get AWAY from SHINee!!!
Key and Nicole is the best.
I cant accept any Kara members accept Nicole ^^ She rocks!
2PM+SNSD- Sexy Back+Crazy in Love and Night Fever
Oh my gosh! Taecyeon and YoonA... How about Lee Seung Gi?? LOL
Love YoonA waist!!! xoxo.
Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry
2PM- Heartbeat and Again&Again (Listen to my heartbeat.. LOL 2PM wants u to listen to their heartbeat =/)
UEE, Yoona, and Ga-in (Team White) "Like A Virgin" vs Kahi, Yuri, and HyunA (Team Black) "Womanizer" YoonA looks great, YoonA is 100% better than Uee.
YoonA has a slim body =D

Only post some of my favourite performances XD
More updates coming

Nichkhun and Lee Bo Young "Way Back Into Love"

SHINee "Ring Ding Dong"

UEE, Yoona, and Ga-in (Team White) "Like A Virgin"

Kahi, Yuri, and HyunA (Team Black) "Womanizer"

♥ Lynn

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